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Is all appreciation created equal?
Has your home been on the market and failed to sell?  Let us know if you want us to send the reports mentioned in the video.
Number one mistake made when people sell a home. No Strategy...WHY?
Contacts = Contracts, this is why we win.  Our team strategy gives the market position needed to get what you want.
Do real estate agents have written policies and procedures to follow?  Find out how it works behind the scenes.
Home inspection and the step to follow.  How does the process work?
Open houses, brokers open houses and the truth.  Learn about who really benefits by learning the history of the Multiple list (mls).
Will waiting to go on the market hurt your price?  Will you make more money if you sell now or wait it out?
2 videos in 1.  1-Why doe we make the videos.  2-**Showing instructions for when you are selling a home**
Searching for a home?  Let's go over where to look for homes and why to look there as opposed to somewhere else.
Who/What is "The Noble Group".  What makes them different than most agents?
Effort VS. Results!  What is more important to you?  Find out what we think.
Don't forget to test your air conditioning before the summer hits and the HVAC guys/gals are booked!
Why won't investors buy your home?  Learn the inside strategy to find out exactly what formula investors use to buy a property.
Let's go over the main steps needed to sell a home.  Here is the breakdown.
Initial phone consultation and scheduling the appointment to present our services
Buying an investment property - part 1
What to expect on the listing appointment for your home.
If you have any questions about any of the videos posted, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will get you an answer.  Also, if you would like us to make a video for you to get you an answer and help others in the process, let us know.